2019 Director Candidates

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I have volunteeres as a Firefighter and EMS. I am currently a teacher with C.C.I.S.D.  I am a member of the American Legion  Active Duty military for 13 years. I have lived in League City for 16 years. I have a Masters degree  in Organizational Management. Ran a Horse stable in Misssouri, worked for Sears Automotive and warehouse distribution. Member of the Galveston County  Historical Commission.

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My husband George and I moved from Tuscan Lakes 2 ½ years ago to remain in close proximity to

our two grandchildren and found our perfect retirement home here.  We instantly fell in love with the Lakes of South Shore Harbor, its residents and my welcoming cul-de-sac and street on Auburn Creek Lane.   To this day I love taking my small Kayak out to the Lake for a quick “spin”.  Some of you have also probably seen me jogging and/or walking my dog Katie around the lakes anywhere from 6 am to 8am. Currently, I am self-training for a 5K run, my first ever, on October 5th in celebration of my 74th birthday.


But who am I really, and why do I want to serve my community at this time in my life?  I have always been involved with the governance structures of the communities I live in so instantly started attending the HOA meetings to become familiar with the opportunities that awaited us in the community.  Additionally, I also started attending the MUD 7 taxing agency meetings to learn about that structure and the effects it had on our community for the next decade as they managed bond payments.  I am happy to report that their welcoming has given me great information on the management of those funds as well as the continued relationship we enjoy ensuring the bond payments are made and infrastructure relationships with the HOA are maintained throughout the next 12 years, when the MUD will be retired.


But what have I done since coming here?  Almost immediately, I became involved in both organizations as a volunteer interested resident.  I have written, with the assistance of the Landscape contractor a “Landscape Rejuvenation Plan” for our community which has begun implementation to beautiful our community,   Additionally, I have written several HOA and MUD columns which have been posted on the HOA website or Newsletter and posted on Next-door in the hopes of expanding communication to our residents and keeping them informed of HOA and MUD business.  Additionally, I saw that seniors in our community were not getting the full benefit for MUD tax exemptions so simply asked the MUD Board to consider and was granted an increase in the senior tax exemption from $40,000 to $48,000 for all senior residents.  Yes, I am looking out for your interests!!


My guiding light in life has been embracing Steve Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  (I will talk about this at the Annual Meeting).  Although I started my career as a Consumer Protection Investigator for the City of Dallas in 1973, I went on to work as an analyst in the Consumer Protection Division of the California Attorney General’s office, and then enjoyed a 15 year career in California as an Executive appointee for both a Democrat then Republican governor, a career marked by many outstanding improvements to California govenment. One of my most marked career accomplishments was when I served for 4 years as the Executive Director of the Arizona Medical where I took them from a deplorable 34th ranking in performance to the number 1 ranking medical board in the nation.


After 20 years in the public sector I transitioned to heading a couple nonprofit associations and I ended my career as a nonprofit consultant dedicated to helping organizations optimize their performance leading to strong financial successes, exemplary communications, and superior membership satisfaction. I now enjoy full retirement, travel with my husband (14 days in the villages of Italy were fabulous), attending Little League baseball games and soccer games and enjoying our home, dining in home with our friends,  and reading good books.  Did I mention gardening???  That would be a whole other story…


So when we meet at our Annual HOA Residents meeting on September 15th, do not be a stranger, come up and talk to me, listen to my presentation and please cast your ballot and make a mark next to my name.  I look forward to being able to serve you for the next 3 years.  As Covey says, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”  So let’s have a discussion now and into the future.


If you are not able to attend the meeting, please send a request to me for a proxy.  I will come by and pick it up  and I will be happy to add you to my list of supporters.  cfoutz45@aol.com.


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I am a retired  Residential/Commercial Real Estate Developer from Tulsa Oklahoma. I attended Oklahoma University on an ROTC Scholarship. After graduation in 1966, I served  three years in the US Army, leaving the service with the rank of Captain. After leaving the Army, I started a general contracting company and evolved into real estate development. During that period, i developed four single family residential subdivision and formed home owners associations in each development. I served as President of each of the HOA’s until they were turned over to the residents. I retired from the development business in 2009 and moved to Houston.

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I have lived in the Lakes of South Shore Harbour for 16 years (2003) in the South Bay Village.  My wife Alita and I were a young married couple looking for a community where we could raise our family.  As we drove the neighborhood we saw that this was the place for us. We now have two children, Makenna 15 and Landon 11 and our needs have been met well beyond our expectation.  The friendships we have made over the years are invaluable.   

During the last 16 years, I have been very active in our community and League City.  I was the first advisory resident member of the HOA and then served on the HOA as one of the first residents.  I was elected to the South Shore MUD Board 7 in 2006 and the League City Council 2009, served as mayor pro tem and served on the council for 4 years.  Currently I am serving as the Vice Chair of the League City Planning and Zoning Commission. In 2018, because of my familiarity of HOA processes I was asked to fill a vacated position on the HOA until the next election. Understanding the importance of using “best practices” as a guarantee of meeting the needs of a community I am proud to have co-founded the League City HOA alliance.  

I care deeply about the neighborhood and am intimately familiar with our infrastructure and the needs and opportunities we have to not only celebrate our community but to keep it vibrant and valuable to its residents.  In fact, you have probably seen me working at most of the community events over the years. For a couple of years you would have recognized me as Santa during the Santa parade riding through the neighborhood.  

What I want to leave you with are two things:  My dedication to ensure we maintain and increase the value of our homes and continue to build a strong bond within our community.

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Steven Day

Candidate for the Lakes of South Shore Harbour HOA Board

Hello, my name is Steven Day and I have lived on Broad Bay Lane in the Lakes of South Shore Harbour with my family since 2008. I am running for the board to improve our community and the relationship between the homeowners and the board. My family and I have strong ties to the community with many life-long friends in the local area and my wife being a small business owner in Nassau Bay. I thoroughly enjoy living in the Lakes with my family.
I am a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy and spent nearly thirty years going to sea. I finished my sea going career almost three years ago working as a Chief Engineer on a crude oil tanker.
Currently I work as a Vetting Superintendent for RightShip Americas. My experiences as a Chief Engineer range from engineering, budgeting, long term planning, maintenance, to personnel management and leadership.
All will serve the HOA well if I am elected to the board. I am running for the board because I want to serve our community. I am willing to donate my time, talents andabilities for the betterment of our HOA. If elected I will work hard to improve our community and maintain our property values. Our subdivision is aging and requires care and planning by the Board.  My goals as a HOA Board Member are to:

  • Improve communications,
  • Increase homeowner participation,
  • Develop 1, 5 and 10 year plans for our community,
  • Maintain & improve our self-management status,
  • Work on capital improvement projects (i.e. fencing along Austin and South Shore, increased parking at
    the recreation center, etc.)
    I would like to see an office for our property manager within our subdivision to allow homeowners easy
    access and a home base for the board and homeowners to work together.
  • I also want to coordinate with the MUD Board on the care of our infrastructure, especially the lakes behind and adjacent to Kroger as on my walks I have noticed the bank erosion and silting of the spillways, which left unattended will affect the drainage of our subdivision.
    In addition, I firmly believe the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts and the HOA Board needs help
    and input from the community. I hope to get greater community participation by evaluating the current system of five board members representing almost 1200 homes. I believe there is more work than five volunteers can manage alone. I want to discuss how the board could potentially be expanded, maybe some type of delegate system or other ideas to get a better representation of the homeowners involved so the best
    decisions for our community can be made.
    Since I stopped traveling for work, I have attended meetings and am happy to see actions being taken on our
    affairs. I have begun to discuss some potential projects and maintenance items with the current board. I enjoy
    this kind of problem solving and planning. I am a fun, honest, hardworking, individual. I have a knack for
    weeding out the unnecessary information from the important data and have a pragmatic view in problem
    solving. If you find me as a good candidate, please cast your vote accordingly. It would be my honor to serve
    on the board and represent you as a homeowner continuing to make The Lakes of South Shore Harbour one of
    the sought out subdivisions to live. I look forward to my tenure as an HOA Board Member and serving our