Neighborhood Committees

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Finance Committee: 

Chair – HOA Treasurer, Cindy Pratt    3 resident members


  • Analyze past 3 – 5 years of finances,
  • Determine current state of finances.
  • Review Audit results.
  • Draft Annual Budget and revisions as needed based actuals
  • Determine format for monthly financials
  • Select financial software for HOA and recommend to Board


Strategic Planning Committee

Board Rep Rob Schuler 5 – 7 members

  • Work with Engineering Committee (and others) to include necessary refurbishment in plan/spending
  • Add neighborhood improvements (fencing, pool expansion, clubhouse, parking, etc.)
  • Establish turn over requirements/timing of MUD owned property (Tucker Lake, Lakes, etc.)
  • Establish 10 year strategic spending plan for LOSSH
  • Work with Comm committee on Survey content

Recreation and Lifestyle Committee

Mike Lee and Cindy Pratt Co-Chairs 5-7 members, sub-chairs for each event

  • Plan community Events and ideas to enhance lifestyle in the lakes
  • Santa, National Night Out, Dive In Movies, Fun Run, Bike Parade, Easter Egg Hunt, etc.
  • Note: Community Garage Sale not purview of this committee
  • Find ways to encourage healthy lifestyle in lakes (walking, dog meet and greet, etc.)
  • Work issues associated with Swim Team usage of pool
  • Consider ideas like community clubs or special events such as walking club, paddle board or kayak day on the lake, Blood Drives, toddler meet up at the park, etc.

Engineering Committee


– HOA Board Rep: Allison McIntyre Chair TBD,  3-5 members with Engineering and or development experience


  • Determine and document refurbishment plan for all HOA owned systems and infrastructure for next 20 years.
  • Write requirements for refurbishment contracts (sealed bid process?)
  • Recommend Contractor to board for projects
  • Work plan to improve ADA access (ramps, etc.)
  • Bridge, Sprinkler system, fountains, Tucker Lake (in the future), playgrounds
  • Bulkheads (in future)

Landscaping Committee

HOA Rep: Mike Lee, Chair: Claudia Foutz   5 – 7 members


  • Yard of the month
  • Holiday Decorations Competition
  • Plan landscaping improvements, refurbishment

Communication Committee

 HOA Board Rep: Mike Goodnight,  2-3 members

  • Support dissemination of Board activities to the community
  • Create a communication pathway to help direct & prioritize community concerns back to the board and community manager. (such as common maintenance concerns ie: Broken sidewalks, lights etc)
  • Update Website, social media outlets
  • Annual resident survey on priorities, ideas, etc.
  • Maintain Information Board at pool
  • Produce and distribute a Quarterly News Letter

Youth Committee


HOA Board Rep Mike Goodnight, Adult sponsor TBD, 7-10 members aged 12 – 18

  • Organize Youth centered events (Teen night at the pool?)
  • Participate/volunteer at community events
  • Write Quarterly Youth centered article for newsletter

Create opportunities for youth to earn volunteer hours and leadership skills