The goal for the Yard of the Month program is to award and recognize the efforts of residents who take pride in their home and landscape and inspire others to do the same.
The Landscape Committee will select two homes each month, one from the east side of South Shore and one from the west side of South Shore.

  •  The Committee will judge only the portion of the yard viewed from the street.
  • The Yard of the Month program will start in April and end in December.
  • The Committee will place a Yard of the Month sign in each winning yard for a month.
  • Committee will judge and make their selections no later than the 25th of each month
  • Sign will be placed no later than the 1st of the month and will remain in the yard for one month.
  • Signs will picked up by a committee member and reused for the next winner.
  • Each yard may only win the Yard of the Month award once in a calendar year.
    Winning Yard of the Month:
    The judges will use the following criteria when choosing a Yard of the Month. These are only guidelines and the committee will make a final decision based on the evidence that shows the homeowner’s pride in his or her yard.

• Yard is well-groomed

• Yard is attractive; pleasing to the eye (e.g. green lawn; a variety of plants such as trees, shrubs, ground cover, flowers, wildflowers; plants with a variety of heights, textures, and colors

• Buildings, fences, porches, and patios on the property are in good repair (i.e. minimal distraction from the landscape due to deterioration, damage or construction)

• Yard of the month must not violate deed restrictions for the HOA
• Yard is free of litter, junk and debris (no appliances or indoor furniture on porches or patios)

• Yard is free of inoperable or junked motor vehicles

• Does a passerby sense that the homeowner has pride in his or her landscape and property
Winners will receive:
A specially designed “Yard of the Month” sign placed in the winning front yard for one month, bragging rights in the community newsletter ( only address information will be posted, homeowner information will not be released.